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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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bain capital in february of 99. parof mwas mmed di't g of the mit mney intview wn erybo elseotone. ieali all he would have said i left bain capital in 1999. and i would say pardon? and ioulday cld chae the bjecande wod sa i leftain cital in99. re's wttterhen he s at bain capital and when he ft, really left. it's critical to mitt romney's viblt as a political candate th heeft bn capaln 19 aseays a say mittromn'slectilit peinart o that being true, which is why he says this all the time. >> i left that business in 1999 to help p t st le cit olpicsackn ack. >> i wkedorain for 2 yes and lt thaoo off
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davehe olyicgas. ieft maschusetts to run the olympics and left my organization. i was out there full-time. >> i left bn in999 andut therll-te, he n me. eomne cpaig suld pri that o srts and bumper sticks, it is essential to his campaign. it appears in plain english in the form mr. romney hado fe run for priden h nancl discsure form . rney retedrom bai capil on febary1th 19 to hd thealtake organizing dmt. since february of 1999, mr. romney has not had any active role with me bain capital eity not bn invved he eratns o a bn capal enty iany way. you do n heo be lyer to kwhatn anyay means. the reason he keeps insisting he left bain capital a few weeks into 1999, he doesn't wanto
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answ for anying bn cital diafte th. doenotano awe for e yoff aankrtcy at e coany lled damic deils. .omneoes tant to answer for the layoffs and osing of the steelillhat d toail out tensi nd. e amican p andaper compy o the way modu med and smt corp sent jobs overseas. mr. romney does not want to answer those this that happened at bain capalfter he d gonays h lthat doone mpan w mt rneyas a oble ich twfold firsfo, repters he be finding and publishing lots a lots of instances where mitt romney shows up in bain cital documents as being very mu a rt o tha cpanyfter1999 vid cor aosharshl a talkgointemoave en blisng bn cital domentlike thine from
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after 1999. this one from the year 2000, showing mittomney as the sole sharoldeand chixecuve anpresent bn pita here one fro tollong ye,rom2001amethin bain capal tling feral thories that mitt romney owns bain is is the boss. the boston globe built on that reporting finding financial discsure fms tt lt h ashe 100% sol ownf bn capil in02. the stories started breaking, the response from mr. romney has been that these documents that show hisame on them, from bai capil afr 99, the docunts n't tter ese a jus lal mbo juo, even though i signed the documents'm enging in seing as e se sckhoer
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thefirm at'sust techcali, i don'mean , it'noteall ue. ifou we a ch iestmt magerike me, you would understand >> really? you would understand in your heart. today mr. romney elaborated on s denseyayin a o ese rms, nes bei on a heseorms wel aer 1999 all the fos, what ty meanwa he she own b he was not as the owner paying attention to these things he owned. he was not paying attention to anything at bain and steing anytng a notoing t etin andakindecions. wasot dng athinat ba. heas sll owng . thas ue, tt mea mr. romn wan uo believe -- look at this. look. he wants us to believe he got pa a lot f doi absutel nothg. he mad$1,000 in001 a ainn 200 f the j o doin absutel nothing at bain
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capital, nothing at all. that 100,000 salary, not the rern fm annvesent mebo paygack loan th is tt romy makg $10000 f a j tha h insts d not . ar the any more of those jobs available where you get paid $100,000 to do nothing, to swear you e dog aoluty noing? e theobsvaille iyour me is t mt roey, , yball ? no mitomne has fther problem beyond that. when he ran for governor of massachusetts in 2002, mr. romney gave sworn testimony about being a lal resent o ssacsettand erefe ing egibl t r f vern. i ved inassauset at e ti andtillo a rember pele hing aittl consrnatn ov this guy that lived in utah would be governor of massachusetts. he testified actually he didn't liven utah and sllivedn maachutts. en tugh e wa by runng th ompic itahe tvele
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toassauset for bh peonaleaso and f bunessreasons. business reasons? he specifically mentioned coming back for board meetings in2002 parely brd mtingor a compy tt bn h sta in. swohen wasominback maschusts too tooard meetings and says now he was doing nothing, nothing at all related to bain after 1999. mit rneyayse wa not ere ba. lso ss hwas ere. it allepenn whoskin an why. thisearhen replicare trying to pick a republican nominee to run against president obama, mr. romney's opponents trd toail hn is,e shld rease hisaxetur anclea u thi uff,idn' anyern theprimies. e fst pern w realized mitt romney was strugglinwith this, that he was trying to make
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people believewo oosit thgs athe me te, tt he ntedoe varespsibity r wh hapned his fir ile iletti credit for being at his firm. first person who realized that was his oppent the masshuses goveor'srace >> o of e oer comnies u.s.n,mi, it s rorte inheosto herd tt you saidif iad to it a or agai i wld heone this differently when you cut people's health care benefits and cut their pension benefits and close the ant. itas bome kwnhat yr coanyade 02illin ofitfromhe sal of tha compy, fmdiantlg tha company. my question to you is, couldn't you have made $80 million instead $102 million and helpe keep peoe itheiheal car benets lgerrxten the peion benets. at e ompic at e ti
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the thgs ocrred >> sll sning dumen as ceo of the comny while you were away. in the summer of 2001 you made a statement in the perhat i thsumm o 20, y wer filly relquisng0% ntro of yrositnithi ba. so aareny youadn' reliuish that beforehand. >> joining us now is shannon o'brien, mitt romney's opponent the reorgoveor. e isheorme ste trearer dembef th stehound sena. 's nico ha you re. ver nicoeet you and nice to meet neighbor from north hampton, i liv in easton >> vy good. >>ooki bkt th debe foage, as e fir psono prs mi rney in at campgn abohat ppen at bain capital and whether he was responsible for bain capital's actions,re you surprised to see it coming up again no
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is ts th samssueou we confntinhim th? >>t is theame sue d he critizedeeepl f hing done sethi like that having dain to question his truthfulness a it's taken ten years to figure out that tually may he sn'telli the uth. >> obvusly t oma cpaig has en gng aer m romy fo theppart cflic i the cord ha you bee i ctact wh the obama campaign. are they interested in what you know or following your lead from what you raised wi him dede a? >> cerinly thi a l of rerdreatn 22he oma peop areooki. i essou'vadhe videotape of one of our earlier debates from 2002. i really think that after ten years, it's really ming se at y hol seone acuntaeor the stemes at ty ma. you knoworme gerno romy ha donstted atte of noteingomplely transparent
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about his financial dealings. on thene hand he says that the reasone should be the presidenof tnitestat isecau he' aob cator and e reane shld belve he ia j creor bausef hiantaic traecor at ba. then when pressed about bankruptcies and lost jobs, he doesn't want anything to do with th. i ink wer abl to uover at i 200 a it'ust okinat t incoisteies, not lyn20,ut y kn, in h lt r an ts ra, just making sure that he's ing truthful and consient in the message that he's pressing forakinisaseohe pele ithenitestat. >> hav to y, i he be maridingn tse varus docunts r feways w sie th staed cin out yingo fige o whas imrtanand at might really just be legal mumbo jumbo and it sticks out for mehate wa beg pa 00,0, bot in
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01 a02,y ba, not causof aninvementuts salyor bei a executive. and if he is simultaneously claiming he did nothing, he did absolutely nhing and that he was paid $10000 f bng an ecute, i seeonyne of tsehing cantand. thisas to ll art, if oy on tha int. tha tha deta autim getting pay $100,000 for each of those years, did you know that at the time? >> i think that was part of his statement of fancial intest whene wa in t cpaignd ihink tt' of th reons preed h on ts ise in20. anduallrobayelie th giv timee wa taking to run the olympics before he came back to massachusetts to run, probably the day to day oratisf a sine of e send magnude bai herobay sn't ing. whatappe in ese pvate invement coanie in essce wh yake an investment, you get seats on t board.
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flz a reason you get seats on the boa becse y're se b icly wchinthe cisis th areakin aakin se theyre folwing goo corpate gernae and otecng t iestmt youe made. i've actually sat on a number of different corporate boards, including some financial institutions and i understand that even if you're not involved tay toay opatio, ithatoard wk thaalso becos ve imptant so he pbablas getng pd r th brd invveme tt he w connuin taintn while he was still running the olympics, that's my reading from all of the stories tt i've seenn the paper. >>avin him say slacknd ite day ornd ornd er ain all ohose netwkinteiews ias dng nothg, thinhen s him gettg pa forefinitely doing something. >> but rachel, as someone who sat on a ard, it's interesting bod members tbeood boa meers d we get td thi b mageme allhe me, tre's
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arighine bween wt nagent ds an a boa do. buwhatoard does ver important, frankly not only to the governance of the company, the direction they are taking and major decisns ty are taki. ev thoh y mayote inlvedn tayo d nagent obain orhe coanieyou disssed befe i caonou'r cerinly e major decisions that are taking plac so i think it's somewt disienuo to ye wa't invoed ihe i ackwledng het do brdork as resu of hnvolment o beha of in's invement >> snnon o'brn, the 22 democratic massachusetts gubernatorial nominee who ran against mitt romney. thanks for your inght. thisabbihole iset deer t yove helds figeut some >>ne othe fmer partners, ed conard is gng to be chris
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sthat cano toawai
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do hbyhat's geing ne. asurcommment the twenty billion dollars bp committed sthat cano toawai has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. coitme to pporscieistsstudng t i ve hdredilli dolr en f busess the acheare autil, reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... ' sti comttedto sing is touh our job is done. we have breaking news out of miissippi. weave en flowi thi storclosy. as y kno thetate onl
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abtionlini onlone aboron cnic misssip anit'seen reated wh osurby aew l in ssisppi. a nelaw at scifilly rgetnew gulaons ly a aboron pvi. neruledesied tbe possle for clinics to comply with, it seems. seems pretty clear it's designed to shut them down. the proponents of the law sa that's what theyere yingo witthe w. inhis se, e larequed alaboron cnicso ha mittg prileg. at aocal hospal, something the primary providers at the only mississippi clinic do not have. something that mississippi's republican governoknew they d nohavehen ey sned that blnto l in ril. i tnk is hiorichat day u sethe rst ep i a veme, i liev to what we campaigned on, to say we're going to t to end abortion in mississippi. >> they admitted they wanted to shut down all accesso abtion misssip. thgoalf miissii lawmers pasng t new taetedegulionsas tshut downhe ste'snly inic thclin as havbe repoing re, ed ifedel court to block the law, to keep
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themselves open. tonight, a federal judge has issued a ruling that partily gran thelinis reest. e jue dinot ock e la itse. heuledonig thathe w w wi be loweto te efct imisssipp bute's blocking the state from enforcing the law's penalties as long as the clinic itryi to mplyith e nelaw. ttomine,s yeunse. it sms t sta is still trying to shut down the last clinic in the state, but they will not be allowed to take action against the clinic to insure that, alt least now. here's is how the clinic's owner is reacting to the ruling tonight. >>e'reretthapp is i-- ts waour jor concn, wtherr nowe cld berimilly civly oseced. asou kw, whaveone everhinge cato cply th this law. we've put in all of our applications. we're caing the hospitals wely. t evythi is t ofur has no andnto e has of e hoital
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we' be le topere witht fe of thereing criminally or civilly prosecuted which is a major, major relief. i think that the judge was clear that we n co bacat a me iwe nd to m hong tt wee gog to beffecve a ablto g the iviles. i uld rtaiy like to extend an invitation to governor bryant and all of the officials who have been re conrnedbout th, mae th canelp out and ke se cas tohe hospals seef th cou, yoknowhast theroce. herwe, y kno we an o seeing it through. >> so as of tonight, a bit of a reprieve. e law that's designed to end abtionn miissii habeen loweto sy onhe bks, but cesso abtionill t end in ssisppi st t. ntor rroduive ghts responding saying they will remain vigilant in their fight
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to make sure they're not subject to penalties that will force the dos tolosend driveomen the conitutnall protted ghts. e clic'swnerayinif e's t ab to mplyith the w, s'll ntin to ght in urt. we'll continue to watch it closely because mississippi is still trying its damnedest to beme t fir sta in e cotry banbortn wi or wiout ertuing e v.ade. noou d't, ney. ye, yodo! don't! i've washed a few cupcake tins in my day... oh, so you're a tin expert now. whoa nelly! hi, kitchen counselor here. he'sctuay rit... withasce colet secasce cpletpacs workikehousds mio-scubbi brues to lp per ay toh fos ven corrs a eds. so, i was right, right? i've gotta run. more dishwasher brands in north america recommend cascade. cotipad? phlipscapls e maesiu
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and lots and lots of lovely photos of this guy, the altair voyager. 's a cheonilanke tha usedo be verfamo. unl thgeor w. sh adnisttion took office in 2001, the altair voyager was called the condoleezza ric dr.ic w lg te boa mberfhevr wn grge w. sh hed hero be the natial security adviser. she had a tanker named after her. yeah, the former oil executive president picked the ceo of llibton be ce pside and e brd mbe of a chevn whhadanke ned afteero beatiol security advicer. it was a different time. pity poor chevron because when the bush administration took office, chevron faced the prospect of having one oits l taers oati arod th midd easor o theoastf niria somhingith e ameran nionasecuty
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vises na paied ibig tteron t sidof tir nker at'swkwa. th wwkwa evebefo ir. so chevron decided in 2001 they would change the name of the condoleezza rice. itould noongebe t condeezzriceit wld inead ing e alir voyar, wch ithe me oa st, a nconoveral sr. nothe won who once had her name painted or so it would stop so i wh sp b fatin symb of e bu campgn inow r a n wh hos th namstan for someing se. lissa harris perry joins us next. ♪
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don't release the tax returns, getting booed at thenaac thmembs ofom cm ha be bacon tir hls a weekong. re ihow am r comandl justhe lt 24our ws cle. is rht he, ian'take anyettethanhat. this right here appears to be the onlyicture that exists of mitt romney's high profile fundaisein wmingast ght th fmer ce pside dickhene th's i a pturepele's backtakefrom disnce om hind pol may a te. that's the only photo. the romney team was so nervous that their candidate would b photographed alongside dick chey, mr. 13% appral ring, at ty baed tcames fr cerin thevent the a. tes rorts pooof ports waallod inbut dia otosf roey and cheney together were not permitted. not only were they banned from photographing romney and cheney together, they weren't even
6:32 am
alwed eyetnesthe o mestanng tethe que, wn mrromn arred atheceptn, hreet mr. cheney with a handshake and his wife lynn with a kiss, but ports we protly eorte out bthe mpai. lar inhe eningquot oncet mrchen's pvate redenc a rortewith earst ofr. rney'remas, hearmr. mneynvokmr. sh but wanot able to make out the context and was again escorted awayy a camign affe the mneyampan we to grealeng to low ere a dick cheney appearance last night while also squel cng evidencehey d haanytng to dwithach her. anin t samnewsyclein th samnewsyclesomedy romy la hadhe gius ea ofloang amr. mney vi predentl nonee,he
6:33 am
highest profile person from the bushhene admistrion who was neorg bus o dk chey. there gtingew commicatns iovert roeyla. seemlike gooidea withr wiout these, i'm sure excellent new communications folks coming in to try to tune uphe shop at rom com, it's gointo bhardor tm toun fr theeal nnecons tweemr. mney camign anthe st rublin priden. i mean, even if mitt romney has so far managed to avoid being en nt toeorg. sh, therare now bun of atemts othe cordf hi andickhenemaki prerbi gooy ey at ch othe roey sing dick cheney is a man of wisdom and judgment, somebody he would model his own vice presidential pick after. dick cheney saying last night, when i think of the kind of dividual i want in the oval offi, th mans mi romy. tt rney en rurni the
6:34 am
vor,ayinof dk chey lastightquot thas que a n. quita leer. of tt rney's 24 foreign licy advisers are people who served in the bush/cheney administration. wh joeidenccus the romn camign bei lad withush/eneyuys,hey coeren cal to rebut that charge was led by two bush/cheney foreignolicy guys. on mtersf pocy itermof wh there ifavoof, ey'ron t sampageven sile iues ke t war chen saiit w a gat miake,n hiword it s tragic to end the war in iraq. and like dick cheney, he also does not want an end to the ghantan r. undetandome whathey ght ink theppeaof fltingondoezzaice tt rney'viceresint, rticarlyincet's t out bain capital and that makes it a comparatively good topic of conversation today.
6:35 am
did they not realize that putting condoleezza rise into day'newsake em tnk abouall theonneions beeen e bu andomne admistraons. is condoleezza rice supposed to be so blindingly interesting thate d'tememr wh she is fous? ybe wasn inntiol thg. maybthe mneyampan is gettg cler tallong t phos, ght? sayubliy th a mt roey psidey mit be thd te of sh/cney d wh abo it? joining us, melissa harris perry. a man medelis hars pey. grt toave u he. thk yo >> tnks. >>hichs yo dre tict. mitt romney condoleezza rice or mitt romney liz chen? >>t's mneyice? why >>ell,omnerices futo y. on i le thideaf a ndi ce/j bid debe.
6:36 am
's aebataboufolkwho have foreign policy conversation about the two big issues that have domined our forgn pocy scenfghastannd aq. d i uld ke thear condeezzricealk out w shwouldefe tha partular in polical rcumanceecau sheasn' had do at. i uld ve tt dete. the her ece of it is i just -- i am ready for an america with an african-american wan poticascieist o us to be pvostf a iverty aa vi predentl caidat mak me ppy. sheas sreta of ate, naonalecury adser. she's definitely got chops. i was anttendee of the university when she was the provost there. if it was an aitiofor methg, ion'think wou ve rommeed h. thideaf lichen anditt roey h lonbeeny farite matchup because i want to call the question, i want to call the question on whether or not the
6:37 am
current republic par is herid orhe bh/chey lecy owhetr sothinhas ange if sethi hashang, wh s chged causthers th lacu to e a vori terof condeezzriceetween what they are allowed -- what we know happened in the bush/cheney era and what repubcansxpla abouwhathey difrent the's is g. >> pt ofhis intesti ke wcan'stannexto ly orick eneywe'rnot ing to say george w. bush's name in ear shot of a reporter is this challenge of what the republican pay curntlys. weave lkedboutt inhe imarseas abo theind mol, sther rig-win ba, anhow a rativy dera ricguy ing sor of pull along those populous right wingers, but the real chleng i tnk inot st owinthosup, at'sart it, t thotherealhallge howo weanagthe ct at t lasrepuican pridenwas t rold rgan. waseorgw. bh.
6:38 am
thers a al rord republican decisions and those are all decisions from tax poli to e rectioof a soci safy neto feign licyhat oks ecisy li the cordhat tt rney nts runn. >> a we ttinclosto a int ere mneytart pivoting to defending bush/cheney w all of the advirs, e di chey thg, thfloaof t conleez ri thi, whh i n't y is fromhe rney mpai, ar thetti close to saying that the bush cheney years were good years? >> i don't tnk 13% approval for dick cheney -- >> that's wherhe was when he ft oice. we w thbump stiers, ir ear on inhe obama administration, do you miss me yet? i think the re-sounding -- >> evebody is like, no. no,n fa, no >> n thas foaski.
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>>xact. melsa hris rry,hank you r beg he. the new melissa harris perry show is weekends0:00.m. thean tningut t be e stngessenar in shinon istilrefung t do ainteiew thishow but 's ming rangnews rangnewsrom nato stray stnge. [ female announcer ] letting her home be turned into a training facility? ♪ th olympian'mom has en dng ifor ars. . thilab mo, e sht ofew bnty leav thisurfe clner boun hasrap d lo tenolo to soak up big spills and lock them in. let the spills begin. p&g. proud sponsor of the olympicames
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to advise you you're going to need ouropco rdy for o d ofhe sw spial y moe toght.
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last time we checked in on senator scott brown of massachusetts, he was trying to rever from what turned outo be ahole sers o xg rac aboutheigh lev mting he s beakin athe junr senator from massachusetts. >> i have en discussing issues, meeting on issues in
6:44 am
secret meetings th kings a eensnd pme miste and bunesseade andility leads, tkingvoti, woing isss evy sile day. >> sret etin witking and eens. that was the strange claim scott brown made in a radio interview last month. a strange claim that as you ght ve gssedas n rict speing cura. hispokman tempng t clify e coentso th "washington post" by saying, senator brown was speaking generally about private meetings he has had with forei a dostic lears. ivatmeetgs n sect meings but ngs d quns? no,ext clarication, he misspoke when he said kings and queens. the secret meetings with kings and queens thing didotome i a spoaneo momt o day eami like abaon. tur outis ftast
6:45 am
seet mtingwithingsnd eenss sothinhe tks about a lot, which the ssachusetts democratic party had made tape of and which they proceeding to gleefully unleash to the interbs completwith sountracfrombba. >> mtingwithingsnd quns. world leaders and business leaders, kings and queens. >>rom e kis anquee. >>f yothout th the humiatioof sing ur bizarre xag bragss should be enough to deter yourom rthe embaassi exaeratn onhe mpai tra, yore n sco brow dot foet, is ialsohe y whsaide sathe otos of dd osa bilade i have seen the pick, he's definitely dead, and if there's any conspiracy theories out there, youhould put them to rest, okay? >> no, scott bwn, . yodid t sea piure de binaden
6:46 am
yosaw e sa hoapicte on e inrnetverye sa onl you oughit w rea andou ld erybo it s re so you uld em iorta, a g impoant natothatets own g imrtant things regular people don't get to see. his staff later had tolarify thne awell now 's g a n one i c nama liny o decrat spooredillshat ver uld ve psed it sn'tor m thpresent d caed mand the vice president calls me and secretary clinton calls asking for my vote all the time. >> my phone will just not stop ringg. the present, and vic present dilla isalli and calng a calng. e initab claficaon comi by ofhe bton gle today, quoting the globe ? realy, satorrown stafsaide haspok by one th hlarylint jus twicin h who sene caer. mo rectly er aear o on ly 5, 20. e oer call occurred in
6:47 am
december of 2011. >> senator clinton calls askg for my vote all the time. >> by all the time, he means twice er. the st te mo thaa ye ag d wh he ys t vic pridencallhim,enat own'stafnow arifng whate acallyeanss he had a phone call, one with the vice president, and that was a ar and a half ago. presably stt bwn didot clify ese mark himsf beuse wasn a ry imrtansecr meeng with kings and queens looking at bin laden pictures he found on the internet that he swears are real. th is w yo sta. weuilthe fst rlway th is w yo sta. the rst ade ute tohe wt, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one at'sorki to trac sinees a cree jo.
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near beer and come ck. is inu. okayrey? re goes grgymaoff, fect fm bull gar ya to england anwent from the sovt ionnd t comnist erloed ted to fure out ho to aassite him. ile waiting for a bus in london, he felt a little jab in the leg, scrape or something, he turned around and sawan ckinup aumbrla le th. thman alogid foumpi in himndoppe int a b. whe th is at t umblla okedike t inside. this is what it looked like on the inside, a trigger, release catch and spring and gas lind andarre aes a isonpell. itas rgeds ainy ncead gun to firhat isonelleout theip o
6:52 am
the umbrella. a few days after he was accidentally jabbed with the umellahe diedt ctain ricieriv fro stor ans,e d't kwxactho kill georgemarkoff, who carried it out. after the soviet union fell, a former intelgence chief was sentenced to a yea and hal inailorestring docents lateto tha assainatn, a rmer duty intior miste wacalloesti abo t struion docentsut committed suicide instead. a third guy who ran the assassination plot ddn a mystious and unexaine car acdent year lat the guaian newsper btain repted en the bgari gernmt coapse a sta ohose specl urell wound in e interior ministry. because this kind of thing is the stuff of spy novels, itan be hard to get your head around the fact it does happen in rl
6:53 am
fe setim. wehink our govnmen tgete killgs bdron aircraft is a dramatic thing, but how about by means of an umbrella gun or cup of nucle teahaturns i ctimrigh blu befe i lls. a rsian sikeorg markf,efecd to britain and consulted with mi 5 and 6, the british equivalent of the fbi and cia. in t fl of 06, he metith menhene bieve to foer rsian ses le msel thet a hadeaogetr daterhat day, live yenco became very, very ill. shortly speaki, his hair fell ouand orgs flednd hwas spitizednd uimaty he tued bl. with a f wks he s ad. whatilleim w a re a ry radioactive material.
6:54 am
some very small amount of it was dropped in his tea at that meeting with the other forme ies. had tbe burd in aoffin line wh ad. hi bodas qui dioaive. th bttsracet to a nuclear power plant in russia. when the brits tried to extradite a suspect from russia, the russians decled. sohe mteryho cald h waever solv. his dth isomemes lled the rst dth bucle terrorism, some other nonstate actor using radioactive materials to kill someone. he was the first, at least ty used tsa nherere legaons the mayave en othe in le 20, t psidef thpaleiniathory, arafat became ill, a few weeks latehe died. doctors said it was caused by a massive stroke and blood condition that couldn't be plaid. thuddellnehat
6:55 am
noiagnis andolital stes ohim ing, it'not surisi it s lgeen t suect me oress ld copira theories, everything from him dying of aides to being deliberately affected with hiv toauseaids theeartfost nspiciesas t aegatn that iael w rponsleor llinhim. >>ephef late palestinian president arafat said his uncle may have died an unnatural death. many palestinians belverafa was poised. isel dens tha clm. didot p a sto to t rumo, but how he died remains a source of rumor. a journalist got hold of the medical rert from doctors w trted m inranc unt he di andeport sdhe docrs look fvidee of e mos comm psons but dn'tind atiden. therwerewo iestition b the pestians at turned up nothing in terms of cause of
6:56 am
death, no evidence of a consracyr poisoning except for rumor and suspicior mostightyear til no theewshannl gelemaeer raas ctain thei invtigaon io the death based in part in the widow giving the late medical files, including some of the clothes he wore at the end of his lif a a othbsh. th joualis sthose ims to labn swierla to teed f a stsf thin. theyooke foreavyetal and common poisons, did not find any. you don't test a person for poison genecall afr loong fommo poins they lkedor sethi ra, radictivelent, whi the foun ey reptedl fndn arafat's clothes and toothbrush, pa lone yum 21 theame at lledhe rsian -spyn loon t yea aft arat
6:57 am
ed. re'shy t they istill en a wobbly, the french hospital where he was treated, never tested him for it so we don't know if he wasxposo . it'sn his belging st t th swi b. we kwhat itdegres quly halfike ofverou nths whwoul tye abl to fd in his clothes in high concentrations eight years after hedi? ifhereas pntyn h beloi bengin, whdidn it mak hiidow sk awe? ybe was planted on his belongings after he died. maybe,hat's the next step? what would you do fromhere yoigim . serisly,hey e gngoig hiup. his wid h aed t pastinn auoritto eume r lausba's bod toest to e wther or no he was assassinated that way. he's buried in a mausoleum where
6:58 am
the newalestinianresint sis offend ltee h agre to t plaoigp sir araf. enhat ppenis bon willeakenpart and ten away and tested for palonium 210. what couldossibly go wron iopeou he a gd weend, ilan to "weendsith axwitt srts no >> mtomne on the densi out eain ga. what's behind the media blitz? >> kennedy arrest, wha got he in tuble wit t la >>theenn at scaal and itsffec oolle spos a theew reptbout joe pateo's eet al ied as the scandal unfolded. what kind of teacher do you think melissa harris pry is? you mig b surpsed. goodorni we' get t wt's ppeng outher we bin wh fntage polics a mit mney
6:59 am
all-out media blitz. the former massachusetts governor giving five separate interviews saying he end d his nagent whain capaln 99, at'sfterhe oba mpaiicke u on "bosn gle" rort at mroey's me wisten fings a company officer through 2001. during his interview governor romney respond to alaim by presidt obama's deputy caaignanag w sugsted .omne mht b guiy o lonyor misrreseingis siti at in t tse >> the president's campaign has been i think outrageous in making the kind of charges they have. i think the kinds of attks a beneh thigni ande nes toeign inis cpaignd lk autealssue relatinging to our economy. >> i'm going to ask pete alexander all about it. meanwhile, predentbama is


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